March 1st - Confirmation Class - 5:30PM - Church Hall. Sponsor

Meeting begins at 7:00PM.

March 3rd - Altar & Rosary - 7:00PM - Church Hall

March 6th - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after the

March 7th - Confirmation at St. Columba in Youngstown - 11:00AM

March 9th - Jewish Christian Studies - 7:00PM - Church Hall

March 9th - Knights of Columbus - 7:00PM

March 13th - Insensitivity of Our Hearts - Divine Mercy Study

Group after Adoration.

March 14th/15th - Windows to Heaven - A Pathway to Lent - 4:00PM

Mass, 11:00AM Mass, 3:00PM Presentation on March 15th

March 20th - Insensitivity of Our Hearts, Part II -Divine Mercy

Study Group after Adoration.

March 27th - Conclusion of Consoling the Heart of Jesus - Divine

Mercy Study group after Adoration

March 28th - Altar & Rosary - Cooking Nuts for Kolache -

8:00AM in Church Hall

March 28th/29th - Blood Pressure Screening after both masses.

March 31st - Altar & Rosary - Making Dough for Kolache -

9:00AM in Church Hall